Hui Hock Iron Works was established in 1965, a market leader in manufacture, supply and installation of chain link fence, welded mesh fence, barbed wire and concertina wire, etc.

Its subsidiary, Hui Fok Pte Ltd was established in 2001 that provides reliable service to the expanding market of perimeter fencing. We started with the wire fencing as our main business and soon to extend to complementary line and products such as steel bar fence, welded razor mesh, razor wire, as well as the welded mesh fence and more.

Our company is known as the leading supplier, manufacturer, and contractor in the security fencing industry. We are recognized to be a trusted partner who supports customers in good times and bad times.

Hui Fok Pte Ltd has its mission to supply and install high quality, low cost, and efficient security fencing in order to meet the aggressive challenges of unwanted perimeter intrusion. We give utmost importance to Quality Assurance which also serves as the key ingredient within Hui Fok’s Group. We aim to achieve a high level of satisfaction coming from our customers by giving our best service while monitoring our operations and work performance. We are proud to present our ISO 9000:2000 standard certification given in the year 2007 as well as being a BCA registered company.